The DOE Report Report on Marginal Wells – Methane

This project commenced in March 2019 under an Assistance Agreement with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), with supplemental cost share provided by oil and gas industry partners. The objective of this research was to measure methane emissions from marginal well sites at various basins across the United States. The goal was to collect and evaluate representative, defensible, and repeatable data and draw quantifiable conclusions on the extent of emissions from marginal wells across oil and gas producing regions of the U.S., and to compare these results to published data on the emissions from nonmarginal wells.

A Technical Advisory Steering Committee that included stakeholder representation from industry, federal and state regulatory agencies, non‐government organizations, and academia was engaged to provide input and feedback on key project activities. The scope of work primarily consisted of the major tasks summarized below, each described further in the main body of the report.


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IDNR Report August 7, 2020

Reporting Period: 8/3/2020 to 8/7/2020


Active wells (does not include TA wells)

Production                 21,164

Injection                      6,326

Total                            27,490


TA wells

Production                  3,499

Injection                         382

Total                             3,881


Wells in Plugging & Restoration Fund

Production                 3,093

Injection                     1,258

Total                           4,351


Permit Activity:

Production well permits issued YTD – 93

UIC well permits issued YTD – 75

Other permits (Waste Hauler, etc.) issued YTD – 94


Production well applications since September 1, 2014

Received – 2,259

Issued or denied – 2,192


UIC well applications since September 1, 2014

Received – 1,127

Issued or denied – 1,035


Wells plugged & Re-activated

Production wells plugged YTD – 82

Injection wells plugged YTD – 24

Production wells re-activated YTD – 6


Transfer requests YTD – 43 requests pertaining to 570 wells