IOGA Legislative Update – May 6, 2021

Dan Reitz | IOGA Lobbyist

The House and Senate are scheduled through Friday this week and will continue to meet through the end of May.  The bill deadline in the Senate is Friday, May 7th.  The bills listed below have had action taken since the 4/16/21 report with action in bold.

Partial Watch List

Senate Bill 1095 (Crowe-D) Senate Amendment 1 changes in Sections 1 and 6 of the Illinois Oil and Gas Act. Passed out of Energy and Public Utilities on April 20th and is on the calendar of third readings.

House Bill 74 (Flowers-D) requires employers to provide six weeks of paid leave for maternity/paternity or to care for a family member with a serious health condition. Re-referred to rules on 3/27/21.

House Bill 165 (Bennett-R) creates a Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage Legislation Task Force.  Passed out of the House on April 20th with a vote of 112-0 and is assigned to Energy and Public Utilities in the Senate.

House Bill 166 (Bennett-R) creates a new Carbon Dioxide Geologic Storage program requiring reservoir permits by the Department of Natural Resources.  Reading deadline in the House has passed.

House Bill 3092 (Harper-D) requires the Illinois EPA to perform an environmental justice impact analysis prior to granting a permit.  Currently, there is no actual environmental justice law; rather Illinois is operating via policy. It appears the Pritzker Administration is leaning toward a legislative solution. A large coalition of business groups are working on a strategy to have viable alternatives to present to the Governor should environmental justice advocate policies prove unworkable.  Reading deadline in the House has passed.

House Bill 616 (Costa-Howard-D) mandates 12-week leave for employees with paid health insurance coverage.  Reading deadline in the House has passed.

House Bill 804 (Williams-D) creates the Clean Jobs, Workforce and Contractor Equity Act.  Parts of this will be incorporated into the Omnibus Energy Bill which is being worked on.

House Bill 2493(Meier-R) Provides that moneys received under the Illinois Hydraulic Fracturing Tax Act shall be used only for the payment of pension obligations of the State of Illinois.           Reading deadline in the House has passed.

Senate Bill 2514  creates a permitting process and implement a fee of $0.08 per ton of carbon dioxide. All are opposed by environmental advocates.  Re-referred to assignments on 4/16/21.

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