IOGA Legislative Update – April 16, 2021

Dan Reitz | IOGA Lobbyist

The House and Senate continue to meet in person. Both chambers have scheduled session at least 3 days per week through the end of May. Changes of status from the last update are in bold.

Partial Watch List

House Bill 74 (Flowers-D) requires employers to provide six weeks of paid leave for maternity/paternity or to care for a family member with a serious health condition. Re-referred to rules on 3/27/21.

House Bill 165 (Bennett-R) creates a Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage Legislation Task Force. Placed on calendar order of third reading on 4/16/21.

House Bill 166 (Bennett-R) creates a new Carbon Dioxide Geologic Storage program requiring reservoir permits by the Department of Natural Resources. Re-referred to rules on 3/27/21.

House Bill 3092 (Harper-D) requires the Illinois EPA to perform an environmental justice impact analysis prior to granting a permit. Currently, there is no actual environmental justice law; rather Illinois is operating via policy. It appears the Pritzker Administration is leaning toward a legislative solution. A large coalition of business groups are working on a strategy to have viable alternatives to present to the Governor should environmental justice advocate policies prove unworkable. Re-referred to rules on 3/27/21.

House Bill 616 (Costa-Howard-D) mandates 12-week leave for employees with paid health insurance coverage. Re-referred to rules on 3/27/21.

House Bill 804 (Williams-D) creates the Clean Jobs, Workforce and Contractor Equity Act.

House Bill 2493(Meier-R) Provides that moneys received under the Illinois Hydraulic Fracturing Tax Act shall be used only for the payment of pension obligations of the State of Illinois.   Re-referred to rules on 3/27/21.

Senate Bill 2514 (Rose-R) creates a permitting process and implement a fee of $0.08 per ton of carbon dioxide. All are opposed by environmental advocates. Assigned to Energy and Public Utilities committee on 3/23/21.

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