Oil & Gas Producer Group Names New Executive Vice President

MOUNT VERNON, Ill., Feb. 1, 2021The Illinois Oil and Gas Association (IOGA) announced Robert Stewart of Mt. Vernon, IL, as the new Executive Vice President. Stewart’s employment with IOGA will commence on February 1st.

Stewart succeeds Seth Whitehead, who will continue his Executive Director role at the Illinois Petroleum Resource Board.

The oil industry is a family tradition for Stewart, whose grandfather, Edward Stewart, started in the 1890s. His current company, Stewart Producers, was established in 1951 by Stewart’s father as an operating company for Stewart Oil. It expanded into well servicing in 1966 and got into exploration after Stewart Oil dissolved in 1968.

“I’ve been on the IOGA board of directors for over 25 years,” Stewart said. “I’m looking forward to expanding my relationship with IOGA in this new role and continuing to help IOGA advocate for our members.”

Stewart has been a long-standing member of IOGA. He was awarded the IOGA Petroleum Professional of the Year in 2019 and his company, Stewart Producers, Inc., was awarded the IOGA Wildcatter of the Year award in 2016.

“Robert has been a great asset to our association throughout the years,” said IOGA President Bryan Hood, “He always brings forward great ideas and viewpoints to issues.”

Stewart graduated from Mt. Vernon Township High School in 1975. He attended the University of Texas and graduated with a B.S. in petroleum engineering with honors. He worked with Exxon Company USA until he joined Stewart Producers, Inc. in 1984, before being named president in 1992.

“This group has made a tremendous impact on our industry,” Stewart said. “Time and time again, IOGA has been on the frontlines, advocating for and educating our members.”

Stewart has served on the following boards: the Society of Petroleum Engineers, American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Illinois Oil and Gas Association, State of Illinois Petroleum Advisory Board, and the Petroleum Technology Transfer Council. He is married to Dee Ann and is the father of Cameron and Paisley.


About IOGA

The Illinois Oil and Gas Association is a group of oil and gas producers, landowners, royalty owners, service producers, and others in the Illinois Basin area. For more information, visit www.ioga.com.


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