IDNR Report January 11, 2019

Active wells (does not include TA wells)

Production                 22,022

Injection                       6,493

Total                           28,515


TA wells

Production                 3,511

Injection                        381

Total                           3,892


Wells in Plugging & Restoration Fund

Production                 2,624

Injection                     1,150

Total                           3,774


Permit Activity:

Production well permits issued YTD – 12

UIC well permits issued YTD – 9

Other permits (Waste Hauler, etc.) issued YTD – 7


Production well applications since September 1, 2014

Received – 1,715

Issued or denied – 1,661


UIC well applications since September 1, 2014

Received – 1,778

Issued or denied – 1,747


Wells plugged

Production wells YTD – 0

Injection wells YTD – 0

Production wells re-activated YTD – 51

Veteran ‘oilmen’ show LCC museum

Tom Compton | Crawford County Daily News

The newest class of Leadership Crawford County recently had the opportunity to learn about Illinois and Crawford County’s oil history at the Oblong Oil Field Museum.

The visit included a personalized tour by longtime oil man John Larrabee of Larrabee OilCo., Oblong. Larrabee has been a longtime promoter and contributor to the museum. Also speaking to the group were Seth Whitehead and Sam Barbee.

Whitehead is the new executive director of the Illinois Petroleum Resources Board. Whitehead comes to the IPRB after a four-and-a-half-year stint at FTI Consulting, where he was most recently Team Lead of Energy in Depth, a research and education campaign focused on media outreach with regard to shale development across the country.

A 2003 graduate of Southern Illinois University-Carbondale and native of Fayette County, Whitehead’s duties at the IPRB will include serving as the primary media contact for the upstream Illinois oil industry.

The IPRB was formed in 1998 to provide public awareness/education programs and to clean up/restore abandoned oilfield sites throughout the state. Funding for IPRB programs comes from voluntary contributions of oil and natural gas producers and royalty owners in Illinois.

Larrabee pointed out that the IPRB played a big part in loaning money for the construction of the Oil Field Museum buildings.

Sam Barbee is the executive vice president of the Illinois Oil and Gas Association. IOGA is a group of oil and gas producers, landowners, royalty owners, service providers, and others in the Illinois area. They advocate for oil and gas producers in Illinois and provide networking opportunities for the industry.

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